The Utah Division of Consumer Protection Invites Diabetes Patients to Share Their Experience

Are you now or have you ever been a diabetes patient in the state of Utah? If so, you may have been affected by a longstanding scheme by insulin manufacturers and pharmacy benefits managers to artificially inflate the price of insulin, which has allegedly impacted hundreds of thousands of people in the state. 

The Utah Attorney General's Office and the Utah Division of Consumer Protection (Division) have filed a lawsuit against these companies to fight for the rights of Utahns. To better represent consumers in this suit, the Division is inviting past and present Utah patients to share their experience buying and using diabetes medication in any period during the last ten years. 

Diabetes patients in the state of Utah make up roughly eight percent of the total population, or 200,000 people, with an additional 700,000 diagnosed with pre-diabetes. It is estimated that diabetes patients statewide have collectively spent $1.7 billion dollars after their diagnosis. One out of every four dollars spent in healthcare is spent on diabetes.

If you've been impacted by these pricing practices, your voice matters. We encourage you to participate by clicking the link on this page and filling out the form with as much detail as possible. Your submission will be treated as a formal consumer complaint in this matter. 

Please note that an investigator with the Division may reach out to you with further questions if you choose to share your experience. While the Division is taking steps to ensure the information consumers provide is kept confidential, understand that anything you share might be subject to legal discovery and government records requests. 

Let's work together to hold these companies accountable and fight for fair pricing for diabetes medication in Utah.

“This pricing scheme is not only appalling, it's also unlawful. We'll do everything in our power to hold these companies accountable for their unconscionable actions and for the damage they have caused to Utahns who rely on insulin for survival.”

~ Margaret Woolley Busse, Executive Director of the Utah Department of Commerce

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