Top 10 Complaints

The top consumer complaints received by the Division during FY 2018 and examples of complaints the Division might receive in each category are as follows:

  1. Internet Offer/Sales: Misrepresentations or other deceptive practices; failure to deliver online purchases; hidden fees.
  2. Home Improvement/Repair: Failure to start or complete job; refusal of job completion until consumer agrees to a higher price than originally agreed upon.
  3. Retail Sales: False advertising and other deceptive practices; defective merchandise problems with coupons; failure to deliver.
  4. Charitable Solicitations: Donations being solicited by entities not registered with the division; charitable donations not being used for the stated charitable purpose.
  5. Coaching Services: Misrepresentations regarding the services to be provided and the results of the program; selling "coaching" services for exorbitant fees that may correlate with the amount that consumers have available on their credit cards. Coaching services are usually for Business Opportunities.
  6. Refunds: Failure to honor stated refund policies.
  7. Direct Solicitations: Includes door-to-door sales. Misrepresentations regarding the services to be provided or affiliations that don’t exist. Notices regarding a consumer’s three day right to cancel are deficient or not honored.
  8. Auto Repair: Failure to obtain express authorization prior to providing repairs and services; charging a consumer more than authorized by the consumer.
  9. Alarm Systems: Aggressive sales tactics and misrepresentations used in door-to-door solicitations; failure to allow cancellations within stated time period.
  10. Warranty: Failure to honor stated warranties.