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Door-To-Door Scams

With the weather warming, there will be increased opportunities for scammers to take your money.  Already there are reports of scammers going door to door selling magazines for charity or offering to do yard work to help pay for members of a local sports team to take a trip.  The scammers typically use deceptive practices to make you believe that they are worthy of your charity such as identifying themselves as a relative of your neighbor down the street.

In addition, the division has been made aware of problems associated with sales of alarm systems and other home improvements. Some of the tactics used by these companies who go door-to-door are

  • They use high pressure sales tactics to convince you to buy.
  • They say that you have a right to cancel anytime when your contract doesn't state that.
  • If they don't tell you that you can cancel any time, they also don't tell you what it will cost you if you try to cancel.
  • They sell you an "upgrade" to your current system when they are not the company that sold you your system. So now you have two contracts.
  • They sell you a "discounted" price if you put a sign in your yard for six months, but don't tell you the cost if you decide to cancel;

Some tips to avoid scams:

  • Read and understand the contract before you sign.
  • Verify the company that you are dealing with.
  • Check references.
  • Ask BBB if there are complaints against the company.
  • Don't pay money up front.

Dated: 4/30/09

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