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Immigration Consultant

A person may not engage in an activity of an immigration consultant for compensation unless the person is either exempt under Utah Code Ann. Section 13-49-201 (1)(b) or registered with the Division under Section 13-49-201(1)(a).

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A:  An Immigration Consultant means a person who provides nonlegal assistance or advice on an immigration matter, including:

  1. completing a document provided by a federal or state agency, but not advising a person as to the person's answers on the document;
  2. translating a person's answer to a question posed in a document provided by a federal or state agency;
  3. securing for a person supporting documents, such as a birth certificate, that may be necessary to complete a document provided by a federal or state agency;
  4. submitting a completed document on a person's behalf and at the person's request to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services; and
  5. referring a person who could undertake legal representation activities in an immigration matter.

A:  A person who is either authorized to practice law in the state of Utah, or authorized by federal law to represent persons before the Board of Immigration Appeals or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

A:  There is a $200.00 registration fee to register with the Division of Consumer Protection.  There is a separate fee assessed by BCI for a criminal background check at rates determined by the level of service provided by that agency.

A:  A registrant must submit the registration fee and submit to a criminal background check.  A registrant will be denied a permit if the registrant has ever been convicted of a felony or, within the last 10 years, a misdemeanor involving theft, fraud, or dishonesty.  A registrant must also post a cash or surety bond in the amount of $50,000.

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Manual Registration Forms
Registration Form PDF Document
Bond Form PDF Document
Background Check Instructions PDF Document
Background Check Consent Form PDF Document
Background Check Terminate Consent Form PDF Document

Statutes & Rules
Utah Code Annotated §13-49
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