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"Slamming" is  term used to describe any practice that changes a consumer’s long distance telephone carrier without the customer’s knowledge or consent.  Slamming can occur on your home phone, business phone or cellular phone.

Most Common Examples of Slamming

  • Slamming done through promotions
    Example:  A consumer may sign up for a contest or any type of promotion, and find that her long distance carrier is switched as a result.  The fine print usually contains the information about switching carriers, but is easily overlooked by the consumer.
  • Slamming from account maintenance
    Examples:  A consumer changes data on her phone account such as an address, and then she finds that the long distance carrier gets switched in the process.  A consumer switches one phone to a particular company and then finds all of the phones switched.

Consumer Advice

  • Never sign anything without reading the document carefully.
  • If you receive a phone call about long distance service and you are not interested, say so.
  • If someone sends you a letter or postcard "verifying" that you have switched services, notify them that you did not authorize the change.
  • Read your phone bill carefully each month.  If you see any unfamiliar names, or changes you cannot identify, call your phone company and ask questions.

What To Do If You Get Slammed

  • Call your telephone company.
    • Tell them that you did not order the change of service.
    • Tell them that you would like to be reconnected to your old service.
    • Tell them that you want any "charge changes" to be taken off of your bill.

  • Call the company that slammed you.
    • Tell them that you will only pay those charges that your preferred carrier would have charged.

  • Call your long distance carrier.
    • Tell them that you were switch without your permission.
    • Ask to be reconnected.

  • If you are unable to resolve your complaint with the company that switched your service, file a complaint with the Utah Division of Public Utilities at http://publicutilities.utah.gov/.


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