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Postsecondary Proprietary Schools

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Statutes & Rules
Postsecondary Proprietary School Act, Utah Code Ann. §13-34
Postsecondary Proprietary School Act Rules, UT Admin Code R152-22
Accreditation of  Postsecondary Proprietary Schools
The fact that a proprietary school is registered under the Postsecondary Proprietary School Act does not mean that the school is accredited.   The Division of Consumer Protection is not an accrediting agency.  The issuance of a certificate of registration to operate a proprietary school signifies that the legal requirements proscribed by statute and rules have been satisfied.  It does not mean the division, endorses, supervises, recommends or accredits institutions.

Transferability of credits to other institutions
It is the student's responsibility to determine whether credits, degrees or certificates from the proprietary school will transfer to other institutions or meet employers hiring requirements.  This may be done by contacting the prospective school and employer.

Recommendation of Quality of Proprietary School
The Division of Consumer Protection cannot recommend or comment on the quality or potential benefits of the instruction that is offered by any proprietary school that is registered under the Postsecondary Proprietary School Act.

FTC Guide regarding deceptive practices involving student loans
The FTC has issued a guide to help consumers avoid deceptive private student loan practices.  Visit the FTC at:  www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre43.shtm.


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