Child Protection Registry

File A Complaint

You may use this form to begin the process of filing a complaint against a sender who you believe may have violated the Utah Children's Protection Registry Act.  By filing a complaint you provide the information required to begin an investigation into a potential violation of the Children's Protection Registry Act.

  • Notice of an alleged violation of the law may be sent to the entity against whome the complaint is filed.  An accurate company e-mail address provided in the form below will expedite this process.
  • A copy of the complaint may be sent to other governmental entities.

Within 30 days of an address being registered on the Utah Children's Protection Registry, senders of messages advertising or linking to products or services may not be furnished to minors under Utah law are required to remove the registered address from their mailing lists.  A more detailed explaination of the Child Protection Registry Act is available at:

If an address you registered more than 30 days ago has received material you believe violates the law, you may file a complaint through this page.  If the e-mail address that received the offending message has not been on the Utah Children's Protection Registry for at least 31 days, a complaint may not be filed.  If you meet this requirement, please click the button below in order to begin the complaint filing process.